Using the Workpad

What is the Workpad?

The Workpad is a “TaskQuark pad” designed to track the progress of your tasks along different states. It is a visual way to manage your tasks, and it is designed to be used as a “Kanban board” for your tasks.

The Workpad provides a basic workflow to manage your tasks, from the moment they are planned to the moment they are completed. Contrary to the Agenda and ToDo List where you can select the “current” date, the state of the tasks are shown for the actual, present date and time.

It is composed of several columns that group the tasks in different states.


The number of columns to display and the order of the states can be configured in the profile preferences page. You can also set the default order of the columns for both the desktop and mobile screens.


The very same task may appear in more than one column, when there are different date events set for that task or some other conditions are met. Use the Select option in the task context menu to select all the occurrences of that task. Or press Crtl+Click to select them all.

How to Use the Workpad

Creating a new task

To create a new task, click on the green plus icon at the top the pad. The Task form will be displayed where you can enter the task title, description, and other details (see Working with Tasks).

The basic workflow

The tasks can be in any of the states of a basic workflow. TaskQuark has no restrictions in the way you can move a task from one state to another state.

Changing the task state

The Workpad allows you to drag and drop a task from one column to another to change its state.


You can also change the state of a task by clicking on the task and selecting the new state from the dropdown menu.

The order of the tasks in a column

The tasks are show in each column grouped and ordered by priority. The tasks with the highest priority are shown first.

However, if any task has a due date or a target date for the current date, these tasks are shown on the top of the column, before the rest of the tasks.

For tasks with the same priority, any task with a due or target date is shown first in order of date. The rest of tasks with no due or target date are shown in the order they were created.

Filtering the Workpad

Selecting projects

By clicking on the project list on the sidebar, you can filter the tasks by project or subproject.

Using the filter

You can filter the tasks in the Workpad by typing a word in the filter box in the top right corner of the pad.

The tasks will be filtered by the title, to show only those tasks that match the characters entered.


Press Crtl + F to enable the filter box.