Working with Notes

What is a Note?

A note is a piece of text and images independent of any task.

A note has the following information:

  • Project: the project the note belongs to.

  • Title: a title or short description for the note.

  • Content: the actual note with text and images.

Note title

Every note has a title, a short description of the note.

This will appear in the Notepad list to identify the note.

Note project

Every note belongs to a certain project. When no project is selected, the note is associated with the default project.

The project is used to group the notes and to filter them in the Notepad using the sidebar project list.

The content of the note

The content of the note is the actual text and images of the note. This content can be edited using the rich text editor that allows different text formats, colors, alignments, etc.

This content can also include images. The images can be added from the content of the clipboard. It can also include links to resources on the Internet. These links are clickable and will open in another browser tab.

In the content you can show code snippets to allow formatting computer code and scripts, if needed.