Using the Notepad

What is the Notepad?

The Notepad is a “TaskQuark pad” designed to show the notes you have saved for your different projects.

How to Use the Notepad


The Notepad shows the notes grouped by projects and subprojects.

You can select in what project to add the note by clicking on the project name on the sidebar.

To create a new note, click on the green plus icon at the top the pad. The Note form will be displayed where you can enter the note title, description, and other details (see Working with Notes).

Reordering notes

In the Notepad you can drag and drop a note from one project to another, or reorder them in the same projects as needed.

Filtering the Notepad

Using the filter

You can filter the notes in the Notepad by typing a word in the filter box in the top right corner of the pad.

The notes will be filtered by the title, to show only those notes that match the characters entered.


Press Crtl + F to enable the filter box.