Getting Support

Minimun Requirements

TaskQuark runs in modern web browsers.

Working from a desktop or laptop with at least 1024 pixels of screen width and 8 Mb of RAM is recommended, specially when managing multiple projects.

Use one of the following browsers to get the most of TaskQuark:

  • Chrome 118 or newer

  • Edge 118 or newer

  • Firefox 119 or newer

  • Safari 16.6 or newer

TaskQuark can work on browsers for mobile devices, where some details are not enabled to reduce screen clutter.

Known Issues

“Loading page” Issue

On some browsers, the “loading” page may get stuck.

This can be due to a cookies issue.

To clear the cookies and reload the site on the browser use these key combination:

  • Windows/Linux:

    • Ctrl + F5

    • Ctrl + Shift + R

  • macOS:

    • Command (⌘) + Shift + R

    • Shift + Reload button in the toolbar (Safari)

Also, some older browsers may not be fully compatible with TaskQuark. Update your browser if older than these, or use second, different browser for TaskQuark.


Using a second browser for TaskQuark will allow you to use two different profiles simultaneously in the same computer.


To provide feedback about your experience with TaskQuark, please contact us at