Using the Weekpad

What is the Weekpad?

The Weekpad is a “TaskQuark pad” showing the tasks for a given week.

The Weekpad provides a weekly view of the tasks, showing different events and work times for each day of the week. Also, the task are shown in different colors depending on their state.

The tasks that have and event or repetition in a specific time are show in the corresponding time row. Those tasks without a specific time are shown at the bottom of the column, in the “To Do” section.


The very same task can be shown multiple times in the same week, depending on the time and date of its different events and repetitions. Use the Select option in the task context menu to select all the occurrences of that task. Or press Crtl+Click to select them all.

The current day and time is shown by a light yellow color in the background of the pad. The weekend days are also marked with a light, grey color in the background of the pad.

The number of the week in the year and the date of the day are shown at the top of each column.

How to Use the Weekpad

Creating a new task in the Weekpad

To create a new task, click on the green plus icon at the top the pad. The Task form will be displayed where you can enter the task title, description, and other details (see Working with Tasks).

You can also double-click on an empty cell in the Weekpad to create a new task with work start date and time of that cell and a proposed duration of 30 minutes.

Moving tasks events in a week

You can move tasks events in the Weekpad by dragging and dropping them to the desired time and day. The start, end, due and target dates of the task will be updated accordingly.

For pinned tasks, the execution time can be updated within the same day.

However, the task repetitions will not be updated. To change the scheduled repetitions of a task, you should edit the task schedule.

Changing the week

The Weekpad selects by default the actual week from your computer clock.

You can change the Weekpad week by clicking on the arrows in the top left corner of the pad and get next or previous weeks. You can go back to the current week by clicking on the date, on the top left corner of the pad.


You can also change the week by pressing the next and previous page keys on your keyboard.

Going to the Todopad from the Weekpad

If you double-click on the header of day in the Weekpad, you will jump to the Todopad for that date.

Configuring the Weekpad

Toggle ongoing tasks

By default, the Weekpad shows all the ongoing tasks and their task events.

You can toggle the ongoing task to show only the task events by clicking on the “Hide ongoing” button in the top right corner of the pad. To show back all the ongoing tasks, click on the “Show ongoing” button.

Toggle weekend

By default, the Weekpad shows all the days of the week. If you prefer to show only the working days, you can toggle the weekend by clicking on the “Hide weekend” button in the top right corner of the pad. To show back the weekend, click on the “Show weekend” button.

Filtering the Weekpad

Selecting projects

By clicking on the project list on the sidebar, you can filter the tasks by project or subproject.

Using the filter

You can filter the tasks in the Weekpad by typing a word in the filter box in the top right corner of the pad.

The tasks will be filtered by the title, to show only those tasks that match the characters entered.


Press Crtl + F to enable the filter box.